dot Conferences – Tech conferences, reinvented

Tech conferences, reinvented

April will be a good month, with 3 dot conferences in 3 days.
There is one for everyone’s taste :  Security, Scalability and Artificial Intelligence.
The world’s best experts will be on stage to tell us about their experience.
In terms of technological monitoring, this is the fastest and most efficient way to learn what every developer should know in 2017.

dotSecurity :  April 21, 2017
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This will be an opportunity to learn about common security tools and practices.
Whether we are familiar with these subjects or not, it happens to be confronted with them.
Come and discover the talks of Mikko Hypponen (CRO à F-Secure), Paul Mockapetris (the inventor with Jon Postel of the Domain Name System or DNS in 1983),  Jim Manico (Founder of Manicode Security et former member of the Open Web Application Security ProjectOnline community free and open to all about Web application security), Joseph Bonneau (Security researcher & teacher
Technology Fellow at the EFF), Zane Lackey (Co-Founder & CSO at Signal Sciences), Ingrid Epure (Product Engineer à Intercom), Philipp Jovanovic (Security researcher  at Ecole Polytechnique de Lausanne / EPFL) and others …

3 days later …
dotScale :
April 24, 2017
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This time, the subject is scalability, DevOps practices and distributed systems. These are subjects that speak to all developers (even if they are not yet aware …).
Discover the talk of Benjamin Hindman (Co-creator  of Apache Mesos and Co-Founder & Chef Architect at Mesosphere), Mitchell Hashimoto (Founder à HashiCorp), Neha Narkhede (Co-creator of Apache Kafka and Co-Founder et CTO at Confluent), James Cammarata (Lead Maintainer at Ansible), Adrian Cole (Lead at Zipkin), David Mazieres (Professor et Stanford and Chief Scientist at Stellar), Ulf Adams (Lead at Bazel – Google’s Build System), Marco Slot (Software engineer at Citus Data) and others …

The afternoon, the next day …
dotAI : April 25, 2017
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An afternoon dedicated to Artificial Intelligence !
We will talk about the latest advances made possible by Machine Learning at the heart of Big Data.
Come and listen to Olivier Grisel (Engineer at Inria Saclay et contributor of Scikit-Learn), Pierre Gutierrez (Lead Data Scientist  at Dataiku Labs), Charles Ollion – Head of Research à Heuritech), Mathias Ortner (Image processing & analysis expert at Airbus Defence and Space), Lian Li (Software developer), Laurent Smadja (Perception Team Research Advisor at Navya) et others …
Come, there will be plenty of Data Scientists (even if they are apparently a rare species …)

In summary, events not to be missed!

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