The conferences dot are coming …

They are back in this year 2018, dotConferences resume from the month of May!

Security, artificial intelligence, CSS and many other topics will be discussed at these conferences by experts from around the world.

Come learn from the best all what you need to know in 2018.

DotAI: May 31, 2018

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This will be the opportunity to discover with world-renowned experts the latest tools of artificial intelligence and what you need to know about the development of smart applications in 2018.

Check out the talks of Peet Denny (CTO at Wealth Wizards), Hagay Lupesko (Deep Learning Engineer at AWS), Sharada Mohanty (CrowAI Co-Founder), Chloé Azencott (Researcher at ParisTech’s Center for Computational Biology (CBIO), Institut Curie and INSERM), Jim Dowling (CEO of Logical Clocks AB, Associate Professor at KTH, Principal Architect of Hops Hadoop) and many others ….


DotScale: June 1, 2018

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Come listen to the world’s leading experts share their ideas on scalability, DevOps and distributed systems.

Check out the talk of Paul Dix (Creator of InfluxDB), Jeremy Edberg (founder of MinOps), Yaroslav Tkachenko (Data Engineer at Activision), Willy Tarreau (Creator of Haproxy), Lucas Nussbaum (Former Debian Project Leader), David Gageot (Developer Advocate at Google Cloud Platform) and many more …

These conferences promise to be exciting, do not miss them under any circumstances !

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