Pyzo or How to get iPython easily on Windows, Mac OSX or Linux

Have you ever tried to get a working iPython environment on Windows ?

If you read this, you may have been thinking about it …
Pyzo, a iPython notebook and a lot of packages without installation !

It’s not very difficult to set up iPython on Windows but you’re likely to encounter at least an error.

A useful example ? Ok !
If you tried to export Excel files using pandas, you may ran into an error about Openpyxl.
If you have this error, try to get the xlrd package.

Pyzo is a way to avoid these installation steps and have an working environment directly !

Pyzo comes with a lot of packages.

Here’s the list :

  • numpy
  • scipy
  • matplotlib
  • pandas
  • sympy
  • nose
  • pyopengl
  • visvis
  • skimage
  • sklearn
  • imageio
  • IEP
  • PySide
  • cx_freeze
  • requests
  • pyzolib

It’s possible to add other packages if you want.
(See Pyzo website for a detailed information)

Little trick : Try to put the repertory with the same name as the package you want to install in Lib/site-packages

Or use conda !

How to install a package with conda


1/ Search the package on Binstar and copy the installation command.

Example :

conda install -c pandas

If the result is a PyPI package, you’ll have to get pip.

2/  Open the Windows Command Shell and do something similar to that :

cd Desktop\pyzo\Scripts

3/  If you don’t need pip, just paste the installation command. And that’s done ! 

If you need pip, type the following :

conda install pip
cd ..
cd Lib\site-packages\pip

Paste your installation command

Don’t hesitate to try Pyzo on Windows but also on OSX or Linux