PyData Paris Conference


April 3, 2015

Location: Telecom Paristech, 46 rue Barrault, 75013 Paris, France


PyData conferences are a gathering of users and developers of data analysis tools in Python. The goals are to provide Python enthusiasts a place to share ideas and learn from each other about how best to apply the language and tools to ever-evolving challenges in the vast realm of data management, processing, analytics, and visualization.

This is wanted to be an accessible, community-driven conference, with tutorials for novices, advanced topical workshops for practitioners, and opportunities for package developers and users to meet in person.

A major goal of PyData events and conferences is to provide a venue for users across all the various domains of data analysis to share their ex- periences and their techniques, as well as highlight the triumphs and potential pitfalls of using Python for certain kinds of problems.

PyData Paris 2015 is organized by Systematic Paris Region, with the generous help and support of NumFOCUS and sponsors like Abilian, Dataiku, GTLL Systematic, Logilab, Nexedi.