AI Paris – Edition 2018

The « City of Fashion and Design » (« Cité de la mode et du design » in French), located in Paris 13, will welcome the 11 and 12 of June 2018 the new edition of AI Paris.
This is the appointment with Artificial Intelligence in France.
Artificial Intelligence is indeed spreading in all the company’s business.
According to the study of the Digital Transformation Institute conducted by Capgemini, IA allowed 83% of the companies surveyed to create jobs and 3/4 of these have already increased their sales by almost 10%.

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  • The space Plenary Conferences where you will find 60 speakers, speaking during plenary sessions, round tables but also 15 feedbacks
  • The complete synthesis of the subjects discussed during plenary conferences (digital format)
  • Access to the Business Appointment Platform « Connect By CORP« – Unlimited Access & possibility to book two appointments for FULL PASS entrants.
  • The exhibition area where you can meet 70 exhibitors / sponsors and 2,000 participants
  • 2 workshop rooms where you will find the new products and solutions of the partners of the event
  • The catering space with a buffet lunch.

The free Pass Salon gives you access to the following services:

  • The exhibition area where you can meet 70 exhibitors / sponsors and 2,000 participants
  • 2 workshop rooms where you will find the new products and solutions of the partners of the event

But what is Artificial Intelligence? It’s a question with multiple answers … The simplest idea is that Artificial Intelligence is about being able to create intelligent machines. But what is intelligence related to a machine?
Some will consider a machine applying a very advanced rule system as an Intelligent machine.
The issue is that once these rules are set, the latter do not evolve and if something had to change and thus invalidate some rules then human action would be required.
A so-called « smart » machine should indeed be able to adapt without having to resort to the human being anymore …

Machine Learning is a sub-domain of Artificial Intelligence that is a set of several algorithms for learning from data.
Before this phase of learning, there is important work of data wrangling (cleaning, feature engineering …).

There are several types of learning methods; the two main ones being:

  • Supervised learning: The algorithm learns from a tagged data.
    Data is a set of values, numeric or textual.
    The label is what we want the algorithm to be able to « predict ».
  • Unsupervised learning: The algorithm has only the data available.
    The goal will be to bring similar data closer, to be able to « separate the data », to identify clusters. We are talking about « clustering ».

Deep Learning is included in Machine Learning but takes advantage of neural networks.
When using deep learning algorithms, they are often run on GPUs.

Many companies have started to create entities dedicated to the use of these advanced algorithms of Artificial Intelligence, combining exploration and industrialization phases to provide businesses with Data Science products.

AI Paris will be the opportunity to discover the use cases of artificial intelligence in companies and the latest advances.

Below is an overview of topics to be covered:

June 11,

Opening speech 9h – 9h40
A status on all the tools / softwares used  9h40-10h10
The new jobs around AI Round Table 10h10 – 11h
The impact of AI on the role of the CIO (Chief Information Officer) 11h30 – 12h
IA and personal assistants? 14h – 14h30
Deep learning and prevention of fraud in the banking sector 14h30 – 15h
How IA redefines Marketing and UX 15h -15h30
NETWORKING 15h30 – 16h
Customer Service 3.0 – Real Time Voice Data – Machine Learning and Deep Learning 16h – 16h30
Pricing, generation of offers in real time 16h30 – 17h
Forecast trends, sales, in-store traffic 17h – 17h30
E-commerce and detection – good vs bad robots 17h30 – 18h


June, 12

Keynote 9h – 9h40
Chatbot, news and limitations? 9h40-10h10
Deep Learning why & why not? Table ronde 10h10 – 11h
AI Cognitivist vs. Connexionist | | Advanced rules systems, why not? 11h30 – 12h
Legal and coders 12h – 12h30
Keynote 14h – 14h30
Autonomous vehicles, latest news ? 14h30 – 15h
AI and robotisation? 15h -15h30
NETWORKING 15h30 – 16h
AI and transport maintenance cost reductions 16h – 16h30
Cloud Computing and Health, 16h30 – 17h
Cyber-risk and explosions of the uses of AI 17h – 17h30

These two days will be very interesting …
Do not hesitate, book these two days on your agenda!

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