Category : Hi-Tech

This space introduce products that I like because they facilitate our daily life
or because they are amazing for some reason …
I’ve put affiliate Amazon links in some of the pictures and keywords.

Walkman NWZ-E 585 – Digitalplayer

A MP4 player to save the energy of your phone battery and that you’ll carry everywhere. This MP4 player has many advantages (Don’t hesitate to read the product details): – Digital Noise Cancelling System (Works very well !!!) – Outstanding audio quality – Karaoke Function (Audio + Lyrics) –  Easy transfer from the computer – 16Go of storage Confidentialité

Withings Pulse O2

It is about connected objects. This small object allows you to monitor your sleep, analyze your activities during the day … It is always with you, everything is tracked. How many calories have you lost today? How many steps did you do ? Need to know your heart rate? Feel free to try!