Sony NWZ-E585B.CEW
MP4 player to save the energy of your phone battery and that you’ll carry everywhere.
This MP4 player has many advantages (Don’t hesitate to read the product details):
– Digital Noise Cancelling System (Works very well !!!)
– Outstanding audio quality
– Karaoke Function (Audio + Lyrics)
–  Easy transfer from the computer
– 16Go of storage


Kindle Paperwhite

The Kindle Paperwhite of Amazon is your new bookcase…
(It can contains more than 1000 books)
This is not only an economy of space… This is a new experience of reading.
It is a lightweight tablet that you can carry everywhere.
It estimates the remaining time before the reading ends.
You can personalize the font family and the size.
The battery needs to be recharged rarely.
The “Paperwhite” version allows to modulate the lighting.
It feels good not to have to carry very big books !


It is about connected objects.
This small object allows you to monitor your sleep,
analyze your activities during the day …
It is always with you, everything is tracked.
How many calories have you lost today?
How many steps did you do ?
Need to know your heart rate?

Feel free to try!